First and Second Priority Routes Clear After Snowfall

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COLUMBIA - The city of Columbia had all first and second priority routes cleared by 7 a.m. Thursday after Wednesday night's snowfall.

Columbia saw more than three inches of snowfall overnight.

"We've been busy since yesterday afternoon around three when crews started coming in and loading trucks with salt and double checking the equipment and starting at seven last night we had a full compliment of crews in so they plowed and treated first and second priority roads overnight. We had a full crew in at seven this morning and they're out on residential streets already today [Thursday]," said Steven Sapp of the Columbia Public Works Department.

Sapp said if the city gets two or more inches of snow, people are required to move their cars off first and second priority streets. He said the request for people to move their cars made plowing easier over night.

Sapp said Columbia Public Works expects to have residential streets passable, which does not mean cleared down to pavement, before 5 p.m. Thursday.

"Today we're battling extremely cold temperatures hovering around nine degrees right now and salt alone is not effective past about 15 degrees so we're mixing calcium chloride, some liquid calcium chloride in to lower that melting temperature down to about zero," said Sapp.

He said residents should expect roadways to have at least some snow cover on them for the next several days.