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FULTON - The first 'iCan Bike' Camp wrapped up in Fulton Friday.

Camp coordinator Nancy Hanson said iCan Bike is a camp for adults and kids ages eight and older who have disabilities. She said the camp teaches people how to ride bikes independently because many have not been on a bicycle.

Hanson said they use rollers and weights in the back of the bike and gradually remove the weights as the week moves forward. The goal is to get each person on two wheels, moving by themselves. 

Hanson said the week-long camp can get busy with five 75 minute-long sessions. It starts at 8:30 a.m. and runs until 5 p.m.

Hanson said she decided to start the Fulton camp after taking her daughter Shelby to an iCan Bike camp in St. Louis. She said it was a magical time, but it was a long drive and a big expense. She wanted to bring it closer to Fulton and mid-Missouri residents.

"The kids have learned so much confidence in themselves. There's not one of them on Monday that came in and just knew that they were going to be able to ride a bike and just knew that they were gonna do it. But by today, they are all very confident that they can do it and can do it for themselves. They just come out and are so proud of themselves  and have so much pride," Hanson said.

The camp will happen again next year. Hanson said anyone who wants to enroll their child in the camp or has questions can visit the group's Facebook page.