First Annual Mud Race Raises Money for Substance Abuse Center

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COLUMBIA - More than fifty trucks and jeeps participated in the first annual RNH Extreme Mud Run on Saturday Afternoon.

Community members from all over central Missouri came to support the event and donate to the cause. The mud race is raising money to build a substance abuse shelter for anyone in central Missouri who is struggling with alcohol or drug addiction. 

Reaching New Heights Ministries, based out of Sturgeon, MO., have been fundraising to build this home for about a year.

"Our main focus is to get the money for the home, get the money to employ the people, and work with addicts," said Co-Pastor Sandy Keitzman. 

In addition to the mud race, members of New Heights have thought of other creative ways to reach their goal.

"We have worked fairs, festivals, sold items, had silent auctions, we will do what we can to make sure we can build this shelter," said Kietzman.

Kietzman said the event was sponsored by mid-Missouri Off-Roaders and all of the drivers from the company were a delight to work with.

To get more information or to donate to the cause contact Tim and Sandy Kietzman at 573-819-1897 or email them at and