First-Grader helps bring Christmas to children

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COLUMBIA - The holidays are a wonderful time of year for children, but many wake up on Christmas morning without presents under the Christmas tree. One seven-year-old boy decided to change that. 

Jack Stubbs, a first grader at Rock Bridge Elementary School, shows the true meaning of Christmas by giving to other kids his age. Jack said he wanted to help other children this holiday season who don't have all the things he is grateful for. He chose to collect money for the Boys and Girls Club in Columbia. 

"My mom told me that the Boys and Girls Club could use money to get presents, so I wanted to help out, " Jack said.

Jack presented his "Bag of Gifts" Wednesday to the Boys and Girls Club in Columbia with his parents by his side.

Over the past month Jack worked and exceeded his goal of 45 gift cards. He collected a total of 73 gift cards.

The Executive Director of the Boys and Girls Club in Columbia, Valorie Livingston, said all children will get a gift this year. The extra money Jack collected will go toward other activities for its annual Christmas party.

Livingston said the organization is very appreciative and inspired by Jack's donation.

"Sometimes we forget the true meaning of Christmas. But when you see another child care enough to want kids his age to also have a good Christmas and go above and beyond to help kids make sure they have Christmas presents and to make sure their family gets to celebrate Christmas too and be happy and want other kids to be happy. I think that there are a lot of adults in this world that could learn from kids, and their generosity and how much they care about other people," Livingston said.

To start his mission Jack made a flyer and began reaching out to family, friends, and other businesses to try and get donations. A couple of his friends emptied their piggy banks to give him donation money.

This is the third time Jack has reached out to help the community. Last year he worked with the Food Bank. When he was 5-years-old his mother, Beth Stubbs, told him some kids didn't have food when they weren't at school and that sparked Jack's drive to help.

"He just really likes to help others, doesn't matter the occasion," Stubbs said.

She also said giving something to the community like this has become sort of a family tradition, and they hope to do something again next year.

"If a seven-year-old boy can do it, anyone can do it," Livingston said.