Fitness expert gives advice on how to stay healthy in the holidays

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COLUMBIA - Gym members swung from pull-up bars and lifted heavy weights Thursday morning at CrossFit COMO on Providence Road. 

Despite the high attendance this morning, gym owner and fitness expert Michael Wuest said gym memberships tend to go down during the colder months. 

"When it gets cold outside, people tend to work out less and feel like they carry a little extra weight," Wuest said. 

Wuest said it's really easy to over-indulge during the holiday season. 

"So it's important to be accountable," Wuest said. "A lot of what we eat during the holidays is full of sugar so we need to be aware of that." 

Wuest said the key to staying motivated in the cooler months is setting goals. 

"You need to make attainable goals during this time so you have something to work toward," Wuest said. "Start small with something you can do that's reasonable and then build up from that long term." 

When it comes to Thanksgiving dinner, Wuest said people should pay attention to portion control. 

After Thanksgiving dinner, Wuest advises people to walk or lightly exercise after eating to keep the metabolism high. 

"Get outside, be active, or even go throw a football with the family if you can."