Fitness for the Cure 7th Annual 2.3.18

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COLUMBIA - Members of the Columbia community woke up early on Saturday morning and started off the day with a lot of exercise for a good cause. Wilson's Fitness and the American Cancer Society held their 7th annual Fitness for the Cure event at the Crossing.

The event kicked off at 7 a.m. with a BodyStep class and went until 1 p.m. For a suggested $10 donation, people were able to enjoy a full six hours of fitness. Lisa Kent, Wilson's assistant group fitness director, said it's a great way to start her day.

"We come out and do what we love to do, workout and raise awareness and funds for the American Cancer Society," Kent said. 

Last year, Wilson's Fitness wrote a check for over $6,000 and Kent said they hope to raise more this year. 

"We're really proud of it," Kent said. "We hope to be doing this for many, many years to come."

In between workouts, guest speakers talked to attendees about their personal experiences with cancer. Kent said this is her favorite part of the event, and it's personal to her.

"We bring personal stories, personal faces to the story of cancer," Kent said. "We have survivors, we have those who have lost loved ones, and we have caregivers. They're all telling their stories, and it's an all too common story these days. My daughter actually had breast cancer and was a speaker last year."

One of the speakers this year was Rose Marra, who lost her husband, David Jonassen, to lung cancer in 2012. In her speech, Marra spoke about the importance of finding inspiration in the little things.

"When Lisa asked me to talk, I thought, 'Inspirational? At 8 in the morning,really?' That's not cool," Marra joked. "But, really, as I thought about this, I don't think what we went through was that notable. Cancer happens to a lot of people. But, I think there is some inspiration in the ordinary."

"We walked a path that was not necessarily unique, but we walked in a way that made us mindful of being alive," Marra said. 

White luminary bags were available to decorate in remembrance of loved ones. The lights were lowered and those bags were lit during the last class, bringing "reverence and remembrance" to the yoga practice.