Fitness New Year's resolutions benefit Columbia businesses

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COLUMBIA - A Nielsen survey showed that staying fit and losing weight were the top New Year's resolutions among U.S. consumers.  The data showed 37 percent of Americans wanted to stay fit and healthy, while 32 percent of people wanted to lose weight.

Parker McDougal, manager at Supplement Superstores, said the store sees a noticeable surge in customers around January.

"Especially for New Year's resolutions, we get an influx of quite a bit of people coming in looking for weight loss products, proteins; anything to jump start the process of getting in better shape, changing their lifestyle around and seeing that weight loss," McDougal said.

McDougal said he sees most of the store's customers stick to their resolutions they set for themselves.

"Sometimes people have plans to change their lifestyle around and they do it for a little bit and you never see them again, but I think we see a lot of people who want to lose 50 pounds, and they lose the 50 pounds and continue coming into the store," McDougal said.

CrossFit COMO said its gym tends to see an increase of people towards the end of January.

"I think a lot of times people will try a traditional gym, and they might realize it is too crowded because this time of year is pretty big for people with resolutions," CrossFit COMO Owner Mike Wuest said. "They might look for other forms of fitness, and we are just another option like that."

The gym has been around for more than two years, and Wuest said the gym's busiest times of year are late January through March and summer months.

"I think people are really thinking about spring break and summer in the winter and early spring," Wuest said.