Five apartment complexes complete crime prevention program

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COLUMBIA - Five recently-built apartment complexes successfully completed all three phases of a program designed to keep people living there safe.

The complexes are now part of the Crime Free Multi-Housing program under the supervision of Columbia Police Department.

The program was developed in 1992, created to form a coalition of police, property managers and residents of rental properties to reduce crime, drugs and gangs on apartment properties.

The five complexes are Aria Luxury Apartments, Midtown by Brookside, Brookside Downtown, Townhomes by Brookside and Brookside Downtown on Elm. 

Amy Bishop from the Columbia Police Department was selected as the Community liaison officer in 2015. She serves at the Office of Neighborhood Services and is responsible for organizing and providing traning for the program. 

"Anytime you can get on a personal basis with anybody, crime is going to go down," said Bishop.

She also said that while police are important to the program, it really relies on the managers of the complexes.

"Property managers actually have more power than the police do in removing the problem tendents and creating a safer environment," Bishop said.