Five citations given after signs taken from yard

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COLUMBIA – Five Columbia citizens were given misdemeanor citations after taking campaign signs from private property.

The incident happened Monday afternoon on Rock Quarry Road and Grindstone Parkway. Police say the group took Donald Trump/Mike Pence signs.

The area has several Trump/Pence signs in support of the Republican candidate. In addition, they also have several other signs that support other Republican candidates throughout Missouri.

Those who took the signs out of the yard said they did not realize it was private property at the time and said they would leave if it was confirmed as private property.

The people whom the signs belonged to said they were just defending their property and did not want anyone on their land.

According to Columbia Police, the people who owned the Trump/Pence signs were the ones who originally called them to the scene.

CPD said the misdemeanor citations fell under the category of stealing, defacing, or destroying any campaign yard signs. They also confirmed there will be a court date in the future, but the date has yet to be set.

There was also a two-car non-injury car accident that happened at the scene that was unrelated to the original incident.

No one was arrested.