Five Days Remain in Missouri\'s Legislative Session

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JEFFERSON CITY - After passing the state budget last week, Missouri's General Assembly begins the final week of the legislative session Monday with several bills still up for debate.

The session ends Friday at 6 p.m. Before that deadline, the following issues will keep lawmakers busy:

House Bill 1865 (economic development): Known as the "Mamtek Bill," HB1865 would create safeguards-- like background checks and institution of public hearings-- to help prevent failed development projects like Mamtek in the future.

House Bill 1403 (worker's compensation): Would reform worker's compensation laws in Missouri, specifying that an "employee will not be liable for a co-employee's workplace injury or death for which compensation is recoverable under the workers' compensation laws."

Senate Bill 576 (charter schools): States "charter schools may be operated in unaccredited districts," which would open the possibility for charter schools outside of Kansas City and St. Louis.

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