Flags Lined the Streets of Rolla for Sergeant Owens

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ROLLA - More than 2,300 American flags lined the streets of Rolla Saturday morning to honor Sergeant Timothy Owens who was killed at Fort Hood.

Members of the community came out to Owens funeral at the First Baptist Church of Rolla to remember Owens and support his family.

Owens was one of three staff soldiers killed at Fort Hood April 2 when Spc. Ivan Antonio Lopez opened fire on the Texas post.

Owens was born in Effingham, Illinois and attended Rolla High School where he met his current wife Billy Humphrey.

Owens had three children: Loredana Veronica Owens, Elizabeth Ann Rowe, and Nathaniel Lane Rowe.

The church was filled on Saturday with community members, service members, and family and friends.

The Patriot Guard Riders were also outside the church to help escort Owens and the family.

"All I can say is Sergeant Timothy Owens was a true hero he gave his life up to protect others, that's why he died, he was trying to save others lives and we need more people like that in this world," Senior Ride Captain of the Patriot Guard, Reed Hickman said.

The Patriot Riders escorted Owen's body and his wife from Long-Kloeppel Funeral Home & Cremation Services in Dixon to the church Saturday morning.

"The wife worked for the funeral home there at one time so the funeral home was gracious enough to help her out with this," Hickman said.

After the funeral the Patriot Riders escorted everyone to the Rolla cemetery where Sergeant Owens was buried.