Flags Serve As Color In Time of Darkness In Joplin

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JOPLIN - Destruction still scatters throughout the city of Joplin as signs of the aftermath of the EF5 tornado that hit Sunday. On every block , atop the debris and broken homes, there is at least one American flag. Some flags are tattered and ripped, others fully in tact. Debbie Christman, the wife of a vet at an animal hospital on South Maiden lane, says she and her husband put up the flag infront of the vet the night after the storm. "We put the flag out because of the unity of this community. It'z amazing how everyone has just come together. We've received an overwhelming amount of support from everyone," said Christman.

Scott Symes, a volunteer from Kansas City, said he thinks the prevalence of the flags is a sign of unity. "People have come from all over the place to volunteer, donations from all over the world have come here to help, it's awesome," said Symes. Specialist Clayton Fidler with the U.S. Army said everyone in the community is so proud of the way everyone has come together. Fidler said the flag is a sign of hope that this city can be rebuilt and restored.

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