Flash-light Egg Hunt

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COLUMBIA- Around 200 children gathered in Columbia's Stephens Lake Park Friday night to participate in a spring tradition with a twist.  The Flash-light Easter Egg Hunt began three years ago after Columbia's Parks and Recreation Department heard the idea at a conference.  "Other cities do it and we thought it'd be really fun," said Karen Ramey, the Superintendent of the Recreation and Community Programs. 

Parks and Recreation couldn't host the event alone.  They asked for help from MU's Parks and Recreation majors.  Ramey says that it is not only helpful in throwing the event but it gives the students practical experience. 

The children who participated registered prior to the event for just $7 a piece. Kids who found the shiny eggs out of the bunch won prizes ranging from gift certificates to chocolate Easter bunnies. The Easter Bunny was also onhand for photos.