Flat Branch Creek Turns Green

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COLUMBIA - Flat Branch Creek turned green Wednesday to test storm drain and sanitary sewers.

The Columbia Public Works Sewer and Stormwater Utilities is conducting dye testing by putting green dye in the storm drain on South Sixth Street and using cameras in the sewers to make sure what goes in the storm drains and the sanitary sewer system doesn't mix. 

Public Works said the green inert dye is not harmful to humans, pets or aquatic life. 

Andi Moegling, a Columbia teacher, said she brings her students up to the creek about twice a week, and they definitely noticed the change in color. 

"It's a beautiful park," Moegling said, "I don't have anything against [the tests] if the chemical is tested and proven not to harm wildlife."

The dye should only last 24-36 hours, and the results should be in sometime Wednesday.