Flights in and out of Columbia Airport canceled Friday

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COLUMBIA - The last flight to land at Columbia Regional Airport Friday touched down at 10:00 a.m. Those departing the rest of the day were out of luck. The airport's two airlines, United and American Airlines, both canceled all flights until Saturday.

Passengers already at the airport for their flights met with airline representatives to try to find another way to get to their destinations.

Ryan Dubberke's flight Friday was cancelled, leaving him without many options to get to Chicago. He was hoping to make it to a baptism Saturday morning. He is a godparent and part of the ceremony.

"Its tough because theres no flights going out today, it throws it off because all flights are booked for tomorrow so I guess your stuck until Sunday. And I need out tomorrow," Dubberke said.

Dillon Johnson is also trying to get to Chicago for a friend's wedding Saturday morning.

"I hope this clears up quick because we all hate the cold weather. We all hate the snow and the ice. Cant complain too much because it is what it is," Johnson said.

Currently, the next flight out of Columbia Regional Airport is scheduled for Saturday morning at 5:00 a.m.

You can track flights in and out of Columbia Regional Airport here.