Flights to Dallas Sell Quick for Cotton Bowl

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COLUMBIA - Columbia Regional Airport's two non-stop flights to Dallas the day before the Missouri football team's appearance at the Cotton Bowl are filling up fast. 

KOMU 8 News found 13 seats left on Expedia leaving from Columbia headed to Dallas January 2.

"There's probably only a few seats available, I would think if people are trying to get seats, they should try now, I wouldn't wait till last minute," the airport's American Airlines general manager, John Frye said. "Again these flights are full every day anyway."

Prices to fly from Columbia to Dallas for the Cotton Bowl are almost double compared to flights the weekends prior and following the game. According to Expedia, flying for the Cotton Bowl would cost about $550 round trip minimum versus the following weekend, when it would cost $370 round trip.

Airport Advisory Board Chairman Greg Cecil said that the price increase is because people will pay higher amounts to be able to fly out of Columbia. 

"Here on football weekends, the hotels are probably a little more expensive or down in Sedalia during state fair week, the rooms are a lot higher just because of supply and demand," Cecil said.  "But usually we are pretty competitive and we may not be as competitive right now, but that's something we will work on."   

People in need of a plane ticket can also search for flights out of Kansas City or St.Louis. Flights out of St. Louis start at $340 round trip to Dallas for the Cotton Bowl and flights out of Kansas City start at $240 round trip.