Flood Threats Are Not Slowing Business On KATY Trail

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BOONVILLE - Some businesses are feeling the effects to flooding, but not the Hotel Frederick Bed and Breakfast in Boonville. Desk Manager ,Sherry Hopkins, says the threat of flooding is having no effect on the Hotel.
"We have not seen much change in business because of flooding, or anything," said Hopkins."
Hotel Frederick stands right across the street from the Katy Trail in Boonville. Hopkins says most of the hotel's business comes from those traveling on the trail.
"We have bike racks, having places for people to put their bikes makes us a popular place," said Hopkins.

The hotel has not seen many cancellations, but Hopkins says she has received more phone calls. Many of the calls are coming from customers concerned about flooding on the Katy Trail. The hotel tries to keep customers informed by e-mailing them about water levels, and answering any questions patrons may have about flooding.

"We'll send out e-mails to anybody that we know is coming on the Katy Trail and let them know of anything that is going on, on the Katy Trail," said Hopkins.

Hopkins also says that many people have misconceptions about Boonville and flooding. She says Boonville sits on a bluff so the water should not rise enough to cause problems.

"We have not had any flooding in Boonville," said Hopkins. "But down in Rocheport, the water is getting close to the trail."

In Rocheport possible flooding on the Katy Trail is a serious issue. Last week, flood barricades and sandbags were installed along the trail. Cyclists can see the rising waters from the trail, on one side of the trail a ball field is completely covered in water. The owner of a bicycle rental shop along the trail said he will not worry about flooding until it actually covers the trail.

Hopkins says that if Rocheport would flood, than Hotel Frederick would take some of the bikes from the Trailhead Bikeshop.