Flood waters continue to rise in Brunswick

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BRUNSWICK - Flood waters in Brunswick are continuing to rise. Residents were still sandbagging into Wednesday afternoon in hopes to protect their property.

Volunteers from the railroad were also laying rocks on the rail tracks to protect them from the flood waters.

One restaurant in town, Sherry's Home Cookin', has flood waters at its doors, but that has not stopped the owner from serving meals to the National Guard, volunteers and railroad workers.

"All of the people in our community have been sandbagging around, so we really haven't had to worry about that. We're just continuing to get the food out," Misty Edmundson said, daughter of the restaurant's owner.

As of now, the restaurant does not plan to evacuate, but Edmundson said they do have a back up plan.

"If we do end up evacuating, we will go to the Legion Hall right downtown so we can at least continue to feed the National Guard and railroad as long as they're here," she said.

Edmundson said the community has really come together in a time of need, but she will be thankful when the chaos is over.

"It's scary. It really is scary," she said.