Flooded Streets in Columbia

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COLUMBIA - A stranded car, stuck feet below muddy water, sits, waiting for its rescue.

Boone County Fire Department resuced the people inside the car yesterday, but their car was left in the water.

Along Strawn Road, there are at least four barricades that warn drivers of the flooding ahead, of the car stuck beneath the dark brown water.  Signs printed with the words "Road Closed" warn drivers of what lies ahead of them, but some, don't listen to those signs.

Besides having their car stuck, and most likely left with a long list of damages, the driver receives nothing, not even a ticket, Captain Martina Pounds of the Boone County Fire Protection District said.  If the driver is hurt, nothing will happen since he or she disobeyed the precautions. If a rescue person is hurt, nothing happens either.  Pounds said that is a risk her and her employees take when executing a rescue.  The only issue a driver might run into is if his or her insurance does not cover the cost of the repairs.

Pounds explained that a rescue may take multiple days to be completed.  In this case, water levels must drop before the car can be saved.

Although it is not illegal to drive through a barricade, like the one on Strawn Road, Pounds highly recommends not risking it.

"So, when there is a barricade, people are told not to drive through that and just to turn around and be safe and find an alternate route," Pounds said. 

One driver actually drove to the scene just to check out the car.  He said he saw the car on the news yesterday, but that the water was already a few inches lower than yesterday.

Pounds said when water reaches four to six inches, it is easy for a car to hydroplane.  She said it doesn't take very long to reach that level either.  Over the past few days, multiple feet were able to develop on Strawn Road.  Pounds said it is most important to be careful and cautious when you drive so you can avoid areas that are susceptible to this kind of damage.

Proud also says to be proactive when encountering this kind of issue.

"If you're not familiar with the area, then still don't drive through it, just go around and maybe stop at a fire station and ask for directions," Pounds said.

Pounds said to be aware there are multiple places similar to Strawn Road that flood easily.  One of those locations is called Twin Bridges.  She said it is on the North side of I-70 and Stadium.