Flooding causes evacuation at camp site

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JEFFERSON CITY – Three campers were evacuated on Tuesday at the Mari-Osa Delta campground due to flooding. 

Patrick Duncan, a camper who evacuated said, “I was down on the lower part, I woke up and the water had come up quite a bit.”

The lower lot campsite is now covered in water and Sherri Taylor, the co-owner of the Meri-Osa Delta campground said they are expecting more sections to end up under water after the storms tonight. 

“We predict it’s, the way it’s looking the whole lot will be flooded out.”

She said they have canceled on seven people and she will be losing $700 to $1000 dollars just on cancellations because of the flooding.

“I had to call a bunch of people and cancel their reservations for the weekend, in fact some of those people have been coming here ever since we have owned it," she said.

The clean-up process can be just as costly as the flooding.

“It will be a mess, it drops a lot of mud and we have a lot of work to do after the flood comes up, “ Taylor said.

The campers on the upper lot feel safe, but Duncan said the other half of the campsite might not be as lucky.

“If it gets up to the 29 or 30 foot level, as I see being talked about online, then the lower level will definitely flood,” he said.

Even with all the damage Taylor said, “It brings all the neighbors together, everybody is helping each other out and keeping each other updated on what’s going on.”

Taylor said they will continue to do what they can to keep their business up during the rainy season.