Flooding forces drivers to adapt to road closures

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COLUMBIA - The flooding in mid-Missouri shut down several roads Tuesday night into Wednesday morning.

That included part of Strawn Road in west Columbia, forcing drivers like Hickman High School student Cade Holt to look for an alternate route. 

Holt lives near the flooding and said he was frustrated with the closure.

"I actually live in this neighborhood right here and I was just coming, I wasn't really paying attention to the water and and I was like 'oh it's a flood,' so I had to turn around and go a completely back way and it made me a few minutes late," Holt said.

Holt returned later in the day, but the road closure signs were still in place. He picked up the sign and made a pathway for himself to drive through the flood.

"I just had to get to the other side of the highway and I didn't feel like driving all the way around," said Holt.

Missouri State Highway Patrol said in a tweet "The closures are there to protect. It is extremely dangerous and a violation of state law to drive around them."

Wilcox Road near Route E also flooded at one point, but as of midday Wednesday the road seemed to be open with no visible road closure signs.

Boone County's Office of Emergency Management keeps a running list of roads closed due to flooding, construction or other reasons here

MoDOT also keeps its travel map updated to reflect closures related to flooding and construction.