Floods drown most of Hermann

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HERMANN - Hermann is mostly under water, but authorities are working to keep the town safe and the damage to a minimum.

Hermann Police Chief Marlon Walker said MoDOT placed barricades around town to reroute traffic in order to ensure drivers' safety.

Walker said he has lived in Hermann for 15 years and said this is the first flood he has seen in December and one of the worst floods in general.

"It's just part of Hermann," Walker said. "We don't usually deal with flooding in December but it's part of what we deal with in Hermann when it floods. We just do the best we can with routing traffic and getting the calls the best we can," Walker said.

Walker said there are no reported injuries.

Mayor Tom Shabel said his town is used to this kind of situation.

"We're used to it," Shabel said. "People living in the flood plains are prepared to move their HVAC, hot water heaters, etc out of their basements in case they have basement flooding and they have above the flood stage."

The Tin Mill Brewing Company's basement is flooded, but the restaurant was still open for business Tuesday.

Brewer Alex Smith said the brewery's basement started flooding Sunday night. Smith said the business is running as many sub-pumps possible to clear the water out.

"It's part of the reality of living in the flood plain. You have to account for the fact that at some point you will be submerged," Smith said.