Flower shop hosts help group for house plants

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COLUMBIA - For those born with a "black thumb" and the inability to grow any kind of plant, there could be hope in the educational workshop, "House Plant Killers Anonymous."

"It's a bit like a support group for people who can't keep their house plants alive," said Jeni Mae Hammond, the owner of Ophelia's Flowers.

Hammond said even though losing a plant can be frustrating, it is an extremely common problem.

"I would say about 95 percent of the people that come into the shop are guilty of murdering their house plant," she said. "I, myself, am a house plant killer."

Hammond said she has a "love affair" with plants and wants to help people enjoy them as much as possible.

"The No. 1 killer of house plants is overwatering. Most house plants prefer to be neglected, and that has a lot to do with the container that they're in, the fact that they're in temperate climates," she said.

Education is a big part of the mission of Ophelia's Flowers. The shop hosts at least one workshop each month.

Hammond said she likes to talk with everyone who comes in about the kind of environment they have in their home, their lifestyle and what they want in a plant, besides its looks.

"I believe that everyone has a certain skill set, and I believe that there is a house plant for everyone," she said.