Flower Shop Staff Works Over Night to Prepare for Valentine's Day

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COLUMBIA- Friday is a big day for those in love, but an even bigger day for those in the affection industry. It's so big, one flower shop's staff worked over night to meet the day's demand.

Tiger Garden had employees in the shop working until midnight all week leading up to Valentine's Day and over night Thursday. They worked on preparing arrangements for delivery, pick up, and to be bought in the store Friday. Store Manager Kim Martin said on an average week the store may prepare 60-70 arrangements, but for Valentine's week it had more than 1,200 orders.

To bring in 1,200 arrangements, Martin said, "We preorder the flowers in December from a lot of different local and international sellers and get them about a week early".

One employee said the week was more organized this year, with new management delegating specific roles to every person. The team started making arrangements on Monday this year, as opposed to the night before, like last year. The employee also said they had a more detailed plan made months in advance so everyone was able to work efficiently when they time came.

The shop had 250 arrangements to deliver by noon Friday. Martin said she doesn't anticipate any problems completing deliveries, despite the predicted snow in parts of mid-Missouri Friday morning. She said the delivery crew is going to do its best to get everything delivered on time.