FNF : Moberly to commemorate 9/11 victims before game

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MOBERLY - Moberly High School will hold a ceremony Friday commemorating the victims of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks prior to its football game against Fulton.

The school's Junior ROTC will serve as the color guard and raise the flag to half-staff. The group did almost the exact same ceremony Friday morning before classes started at Moberly High School. Unlike Friday morning's ceremony, members from the ROTC and Moberly community will not read the names of those who died during the attacks.

"This is a strong emotion we have for these victims," Second Lieutenant Samantha Kirkpatrick said. "Not only just honoring or remembering them, but thinking about them and what they did for us that day."

The Junior ROTC is in its third year of operation. Lieutenant Colonel Kurt Dulle, the organization's Senior Army Instructor, said the program is one of the last ROTC programs installed in a public high school. 25 students make up the group. 

"The kids jump on things like this," Dulle said about the group's enthusiasm. "They want to participate. They want to be a part of it and be a part of the community. It's a fantastic thing to see in the youth.

"Remember, it's also Patriot Day," Dulle said. "The idea of Patriot Day is service. It's kind of a day of what can we do for our community an for our country."

Guests at the morning ceremony included Mayor Pro Tem Herb Lawrence, Randolph County Sheriff Mark Nichols, and members of the Moberly Fire Department and Moberly Police Department. Dulle said he expects the pre-game ceremony to have a different dynamic than the one before classes.

"Today, we have the students and we have community leadership," Dulle said. "Tonight it'll be parents and family, bringing them in to remember the day. You'll probably see a little somber remembrance of what happened that day."

Kirkpatrick said she thought it was important to hold separate ceremonies in order to reach a wider audience.

"Not only do we get to have the school involved in this, but the people that don't get to go to school every day, they get to see us and what we're doing and remember those victims," Kirkpatrick said.

Fulton enters Friday's game with a 3-0 record. Moberly is 1-2. 2015 marks the first season Cody McDowell has coached the Moberly Spartans. 

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