"Food 4 Kids" program begins in Jefferson City Monday

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JEFFERSON CITY – The First Presbyterian Church in Jefferson City is kicking off its annual “Food 4 Kids” program Monday. The program provides free lunches to children living in low-income neighborhoods around the city.

The program’s coordinator, Shelley Swoyer, said she loves to deliver the lunches to the children.

“Every year I make sure to go deliver a few days, because that’s the fun part, getting to go hand them [the lunches] out to the kids and seeing their reactions,” she said.

Swoyer said volunteers prepare and deliver the lunches each day. The lunches are delivered to four different low-income neighborhoods, she said.

The lunches will contain sandwiches, granola bars, fruit and juice. She said the food is donated by the Food Bank.

Volunteers will continue preparing lunches until school starts in August.

Swoyer said the program takes a lot of planning, but the work is worth it.

“The kids are delighted, and they are very sweet, and they’re always very thankful,” she said.

The church said it enjoys hosting the program each year.