Food Bank Donations List Goes Viral

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COLUMBIA - A list of items food banks often need but rarely ask for has gone viral on social media. Those items include spices, feminine products and baby toiletries.

Scott Gordon is the Communications Director at the Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri.  He said, "We don't normally ask for chocolate but can you imagine eating beans everyday?"

He also said the items on the list are considered to be "extras" and that's why food banks typically ask for non-perishable items.

"The items that are on that list, by and large, the personal care products and things like that we do offer through our regular channels but if they are contributed that's great too,"  Gordon said.

Gordon said the list is a good reminder for those looking to donate and he said any publicity is good publicity.

"If it jogs peoples' memory and if it makes them think about donating and helping folks who are less fortunate were pretty much for it."

Gordon said that people are more than willing to donate during the holidays, but that support weakens in the months after.

Here is the list that can be found on many social media sites. If you would like to donate to the Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri click here.