Food Bank Recieves One Million Dollar Award

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COLUMBIA - The Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri announced Friday morning that it is receiving a one million dollar investment from Missouri Foundation for Health. Some of the money has already been used to purchase a 24-foot refrigerated box truck, two refrigerated trailers, a transit van, and three fork lifts. The Food Bank has never purchased this much new equipment at once before. The refrigeration will allow the Food Bank to transport fresh food, which has been difficult in the past. 

"Fresh food is the most requested item," said Julie Roark of Serve in Fulton.

The Missouri Foundation for Health is a St. Louis based independent organization that works to better Missourians' health and access to resources. This two-year $1 million award will help the Food Bank serve it's 32-county service area. Three-hundred thousand of the one million has been reserved to support the Food Bank's 131 agency partners.

The money is helping the Food Bank become more efficient so it can serve Missourians better. For example, the fork lifts are designed to be narrow enough to fit between the pallets in the Food Bank's warehouse. 

One out every five children in the Food Bank's service region is insecure, and Executive Director Peggy Kilkpatrick said these new vehicles will greatly help serve and give people the healthy options they need.