Food Preparation jobs create opportunities in Central Missouri

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COLUMBIA - Missouri has an unemployment rate of 5.5%, with Mid Missouri's rate at 5.9%, with 19,492 people unemployed.

According to the Missouri Economic Research and Information Center, there are nearly 4,000 job openings in the field of Food Preparation and Service. If all these jobs were to be filled, the unemployment rate would be 4.6%.

Out of the nearly 332,000 people in the civilian labor force -- those eligible to work -- in Central Missouri, 23,189 work in the Food Services Industry.

In Boone County alone, 8,500 Food Service workers earned more than $29 million in the third quarter of 2014.

The Food Services industry ranked in the Top 10 High Growth industries in 2014.

Statewide, there are more than 37,000 jobs available in the Food Service Industry, the number one industry for job openings.