Food trucks enter the Columbia food scene

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COLUMBIA- Over the past year, Columbia has witnessed a change in the food scene. Food is now being served on wheels more and more frequently. 

The newest food truck to the Columbia scene came in September, adding a Cuban-based culture to the city. 

"There is no Cuban food in Columbia Missouri," Miami Bites Owner Lexi Price said. "I can show people a different culture. I can show how other people live and make their food."

The trucks all have a different style and a different menu. Each truck geared to offer what the next one can't. The food trucks range from the new Miami Bites, to the 10 year old Jamaican Jerk Hut. Columbia even has a shaved ice truck. 

The owner of the shaved ice truck, Kona Ice said he wanted mobility.

"We can go where a brick and mortar store can't," Chris Cook said. 

The Cuban truck owner said it's all about catering to the customer.

"People now, nobody wants to cook. Nobody wants to go to a restaurant and wait for 45 minutes. They want something that'll take like eight minutes tops, so they go to a food truck," Price said. 

Each owner had their own passion for joining the business as well. 

"A lot of the things that we have on our truck are actually recipes from my family. So it's almost like my great grandmother is here with me serving these people," Price said.

"I think when you see the kids and the happiness it brings them and when we do fundraising. I love the give back," Cook said.

"We needed a way to get our own food to eat, so we came together and barbecued jerk chicken on a Tuesday in the afternoon," Jerk Hut Owner Rexroy Scott said. 

Sometimes the trucks have to plan for things that most brick and mortar restaurants don't. 

"We have to pre-plan Monday or Tuesday for a Saturday event because there are a lot more variables, a lot more things that can go wrong. The weather may be bad. The electricity may go out. We may have to get a backup generator," Scott said. 

All the trucks look to stay in the business as long as they can, while growing the audience they cater to.