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TAOS- Brian and Lisa Forck always knew they wanted to have a family. They just didn't always know how it would happen.

After they were blessed with two bilogical sons, the Forcks were unable to have anymore children. That's when they turned to adoption. The couple adopted two girls from Korea, three years apart, and knew their family was compete. But fate had other plans. Nearly three years to the day the Forcks adopted Chelsi, their fourth child, they received a phone call from their social worker who told them Chelsi had a biological brother, would they like to adopt?

That life-changing decision might have been easier for many families. But for the Forcks, the decision came down to more than just assessing their finances. Just 14 months before receiving the call, Brian suffered a spinal cord injury while playing basketball. Though he regained most of his abilities, he still has trouble with his right side. But the couple couldn't find a reason that would prevent them from adopting a fifth child.

"How could you not bring him home?" Brian said. "He would have never known his sister. Ever. Or the the chances would have been one in millions."

It's been more than three years since the Forcks adopted their fifth, and final child, Jaemin, and they couldn't be happier about their decision. But there's still one thing they'd like to be able to do.

"Show the girls and Jaemin where they're from and some of their culture over there. And we want our two sons to know where their brother and sisters come from too," Brian said.

Because the Forcks can't afford the trip on their own right now, Lisa entered a Reader's Digest Facebook competition. If they win, they'll receive $25,000 -- just enough to help the family of seven pay for a trip to South Korea. In order to win, the family's story must place within the top 100 and its fate relies on votes. Those interested may cast their vote as many times as they wish, but they may only vote once per day. To vote, visit the Reader's Digest competition facebook page.