Forget Finals! Students Rally After Bin Laden's Death

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COLUMBIA - Ten years after 9/11, MU senior Patrick McDonagh remembers where he was when heard about the attacks. It's the event that the college generation will likely remember for the rest of their lifes.

"I was sitting in class. I think I was in second or third grade," McDonagh said. "I remember watching it on TV. We stopped class, and it was...horrible to see all that."

McDonagh has a capstone project and test Monday, but he wouldn't let that stop him from missing out on the fun. Reports came out about Osama Bin Laden's death came out around 9:30 Sunday evening.

"I knew this would be one of those things that I would always regret not being out here for," McDonagh said. "I heard people outside when I was studying, so I said, 'you know what?' I think I want to be the proudest American I can tonight."

Thousands of other students joined McDonagh. Nearly 3,000 people started coming to Richmond Avenue around 10:30 Sunday night. The party went late into the night and extended for more than three hours.