Former Columbia Councilwoman Helps Veterans Admist Rain

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COLUMBIA - Former Columbia councilwoman Almeta Crayton hosted a barbecue today in honor of those who have served and currently serve in the military.

The rain put a damper on the popularity of the event. The veterans and others who did attend the barbecue sat on Crayton's porch to watch the storm. They prepared food while telling stories about Vietnam and the World Wars.

Crayton told multiple passerbys to come back and enjoy the barbecue when the rain slowed down.

"They have helped us." Crayton said. "We are free because they gave up their youth. They gave up their lives, so we can do what we do."

Veteran Frank Boyce said he appreciated Crayton's willingness to host a barbecue at her own home and thinks it's important to give back to veterans on Memorial Day.

"What Miss Almeta does, not a lot of people have as much heart or interest in doing what she does," Boyce said.