Former Columbia Councilwoman Hosts a Barbecue for Veterans

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COLUMBIA - Former First Ward city councilwoman Almeta Crayton hosted a barbecue Monday to honor veterans that couldn't attend other weekend events. Crayton looked to honor the "forgotten" veterans who couldn't attend the air show because they suffer from postwar trauma.

"These are guys that are not counted in. This air show with the loud booming and everything scares them, because they have flashbacks and they went through a lot," Crayton said.

The former councilwoman said that not all injuries are on the outside. "A lot of people think well, this guy looks okay," Crayton said. "We think a war is fighting between two men. But war means everybody. You may have to go and do some atrocities that you can't speak about. It's a lot. You've got to carry that your grave."

Crayton comes from a veteran family. Her father, aunt and brother all served the country during the wartime.

This is the third year Crayton hosts a barbecue for veterans. She said almost all of the food came from donation.