Former coworkers speak out about Boss\' robbery

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COLUMBIA - It only took a few minutes, but for employees of the Denny's in Columbia, it was the most terrifying moment in their lives.

Sabrina Williams, a Denny's server, described the chaos on December 6, when she said Jafari Boss came in and demanded money from workers and customers.

"The server was hysterical, crying," Wiliams said. "They were all just really scared."

Denny's is one out of five places police say Boss robbed in north Columbia.

Prosecutors charged Boss with multiple counts of robbery, armed criminal action and kidnapping Friday morning.

Williams said Boss' prior employment at the restaurant helped him have an advantage. 

"He knew where the safe was, he knew exactly where the office was and everything. When you go back there, it kinda looks like a closet door you know, so he knew where everything was," Williams said.

Williams added Boss worked at the restaurant for about six months but was quiet and a hard worker.

Denny's servers spoke to KOMU 8 News and said Boss used one server to collect the money. Boss told her to grab the wallets of a few customers and unload the cash register. 

During the incident, Boss confronted the cook and said he wanted him to unlock the safe. One worker said the cook didn't know where the keys were, told Boss he didn't know and ran out the back to call police.

Denny's servers said they are still shock the "quiet and nice" guy they used to work with was behind this recent rash of robberies across Columbia. 

"I can't believe I worked alongside him," Willams said. "It's crazy."