Former Methodist Church Turns into Art Gallery

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HALLSVILLE -Russell Meston and his wife Julia are using a former Methodist church building to run what the call the Kadoodle Gallery, an art store. Four years ago, at the age of 73, Meston started this, his first art gallery. When he first started he sold abstract and water color paintings.  He has now expanded his business to carry 100 pieces of artwork that range from 15 to 600 dollars.

"Taking an old church and the structures we've put into it and the lighting and all is different. It's fun for people to see, it's a fun place," said Meston.

In addition to artwork, Meston carries jewelry, pottery, and collectible items. Meston loves to paint and is known for his abstract water color pieces. The majority of Kadoddle artworks are pieces Meston and his wife have painted, but there are a pieces of artwork from Iowa and St. Louis. Kadoodle Artworks is located on East Highway OO in Hallsville.