Former Mizzou athletes react to NCAA sanctions

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COLUMBIA - Former Mizzou athletes are reacting to NCAA sanctions with terms like "crazy" and more colorful words.

Mizzou Athletics is being punished for an 2016 academic cheating scandal in which a tutor helped 12 athletes take quizzes and complete other assignments. 

“I think it’s crazy that the allegations are brought up two years later,” said former player Harley Whitehouse.

The NCAA placed the sanctions on Mizzou’s football, softball, and baseball programs.

After they were announced, former football players took to Twitter to share their thoughts.

“I wonder how many languages can I say [expletive deleted],” tweeted former wide receiver L’Damian Washington.

Minnesota Vikings linebacker Kentrell Brothers, who played for Mizzou, tweeted, “Imma just say this.. she was my tutor and barely helped me so im confused. Literally had to switch tutors."

In its report, the NCAA said the “tutor said she felt pressure to ensure student-athletes passed courses, according to the committee’s report, the investigation did not support that her colleagues directed her to complete the student-athletes’ work.”

Whitehouse said the tutors at Mizzou “wouldn’t do anything for us."

"They just kind of guide us through our study guides and if we needed help on a question, they’d guide us through that. They wouldn’t do it themselves,” he said.

Whitehouse said the tutoring "really helped" him as a student athlete.

"Especially as a walk-on, it was something that really guided me through my first year, year and a half, two years of college,” he said.

Whitehouse said he has faith in Jim Sterk and the Missouri Athletic Program and believes that they will prevail.