Former Officer's Dog Sent to Cape Girardeau

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COLUMBIA- The police dog who once worked with fired Columbia police officer Rob Sanders was sent to Cape Girardeau on Tuesday. The dog will stay at a police dog training center until the events surrounding his former master are worked out.

Sanders, who was recently fired for misconduct, and his wife, Amy, had attempted to buy the dog for $10,800. At a city council meeting on Monday, the Sanders' pleaded to convince the public and city council to let them buy the dog. Somebody even created a Facebook page in an effort to help get the dog back that has about 500 friends.

"The dog is our pet," Amy Sanders said. "He may work for the police but he works and lives with us. He's a member of our family. For him not to be here is devastating."

The Sanders family knows the people in charge of the center in Cape Giraradeau, so they know he is in good hands. However, they still think their home is the best place for him.

"He's grown up with us," she said. "He's been with us for nearly his whole life. He should be with us so we can take care of him."

City manager, Mike Matthes, and police chief Ken Burton met Wednesday morning to discuss the council report. The report will be read at the next city council meeting on October 17th.

KOMU tried to speak with Matthes and Burton, but neither could be reached for comment.