Former Olympian visits Fulton

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FULTON - A former Olympic horse trainer flew in from Oregon to train equestrian students at William Woods University this weekend. Jeff Cook, who spent ten years training riders on the U.S. Olympic equestrian team, is hosting a clinic at the UPHA Arena to teach students horse-jumping techniques.

The clinic is open to the public, and the arena was at near-capacity Saturday afternoon.

Rachel Ostrem, a senior minoring in equestrian science at William Woods University, said Cook is a world-class talent, and they are fortunate to have him as a teacher.

"You get to experience working with the professionals that we will someday hopefully be working for and competing against, so this weekend is just a little showcase of that," she said.

Cook said he's enjoyed working with the students.

"The girls are always great students. they have a desire to learn, and the school promotes that, and I've always found that they're very pleasurable to help," Cook said.


Cook said William Woods University's equestrian program is special.

"The other nice thing about these horses is this school really gives them a second chance, and it's an interesting thing as a teacher and a clinician... many of these horses are rescues," he said.

Cook currently lives in Sisters, Oregon, a small town north of of Bend.

The clinic opens back up Sunday, and goes from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. The event is once again open to the public.