Former President of DocX Enters Missouri Plea Agreement

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JEFFERSON CITY - Attorney General Chris Koster announced a plea agreement Tuesday between Lorraine Brown, the former president of DocX, and the state of Missouri. The agreement will put Brown in prison for two to three years.

In the agreement, Brown pleaded guilty to one count of felony forgery, one count of felony perjury and one misdemeanor count of making false declaration.

Between the months of March and October 2009, DocX employees allegedly forged signatures on thousands of mortgage documents resulting in many foreclosures, according to the attorney general. Koster said before 2009, DocX practiced similar signing forgery.

"DocX's robo-signing practices were the worst in the country. Surrogate-signing crosses the threshold into criminal activity," Koster said. "This agreement brings to justice the person most responsible for these activities and upholds the principle that when you sign your name to a legal document, it matters."

Documents from DocX provided home foreclosure services to many banks and lenders around the country.

Brown was originally facing 136-count indictments from a Boone County grand jury earlier this year.

Koster said Brown is the only person from DocX against whom criminal charges are being sought. Koster said the agreement was made about seven to ten days ago. Koster said the Attorney General's Office worked with the Boone County prosecutor, the Jackson County prosecutor, the Boone County recorder of deeds, and the Jackson County recorder of deeds.