Former Tiger Howard Richards Looks to Replace Mr. Mizzou in the Booth

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COLUMBIA - For years, the voices of John Kadlec and Mike Kelly ruled Mizzou radio. But with Mr. Mizzou's retirment, Kelly has a new partner.

"I think it will be helpful with my experience as both a professional and college player to have a little unique insight into the game. And I think it will be good. I think it will be different for fans," said Howard Richards, the new Missouri football radio analyst.

Richards is a former Tiger with perspective, and he wanted to come home.

"I came back for the first game last year in 23 years when, ironically, Mizzou played and beat OU. And just the atmosphere, the winning attitude was something I felt strongly about being a part of again," Richards said

"He was as a great player at Missouri. And he was the number one pick for the Cowboys 30 years ago, yes he's that old, and was able to have a life after football," Kelly said.

Richard's story then took a very interesting turn. He protected quarterbacks in the NFL and then watched over officials at the CIA.

"I'm going to feel pretty safe in the booth. Extremely safe," Kelly said.

"I'm glad Mike says that. I'm glad he realizes who he's sitting next to," Richards said.

The jobs seem different, but Richards can draw some parallels.

"You do have to go all out. You always have to be alert, you can take nothing for granted, everything that flashes in front of you, you have to pay attention to," he said.

Now the attention goes back to the grid iron, from the trenches into the booth.