Former Tiger Places Second At USA Championships

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COLUMBIA - When you're an Olympic silver medalist, you're bound to get some attention.

"They'll say, "Are you that guy?'' and I'll say, "Yeah.''' said USA Olympian Christian Cantwell.

Cantwell isn't just any shot put guy. Last year he won 24 of 26 meets, including the Diamond League Title and the Continental Cup. But 2011 started with surgery on his left, non-throwing shoulder.

"So, I had a little bit of a slow start this year, but my slow start has been 3rd best in the world this year." said Cantwell.

Because of last year's success, Cantwell's finish at the United State Championships won't affect his future competitions as he has already qualified for this year's World Championships in Daegu, South Korea to be held later this summer.

"I definitely want to be in the top three. I want to win," said Cantwell. "That's always the goal, but I still have a little bit of insurance factor."

You might notice Cantwell wears black and gold Nike shoes and only World Champions get a phrase sewn into them.

"They kept asking me what I wanted on my shoes and finally after five months of being aggravated I told them just put pass the sugar on there,'' said Cantwell. "It's a term that I've said before whenever I've thrown a good throw, I would say 'Pass the sugar.'''

A sweet saying that Cantwell hopes to say a lot on his path to the 2012 Olypmics.

"This is all a dress rehearsal for London and will most likely be my last Olympic games," said Cantwell.

A final act he's planning on going out golden.

"That's something I think about every day. How can I make that dream a reality? I've been there once, I was this close to getting a gold medal at Beijing," said Cantwell. "Now all I got to do is make that happen."