Forum Boulevard Improvements

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COLUMBIA - Dozens gathered Tuesday night at the Country Club of Missouri,to discuss purposed improvements to Forum Boluevard. The construction will begin at Katy Lane where the road narrows to two lanes and will extend to Green Meadows Road. A large number of residents from the area were in attendance,expressing their concern for the topic. There will be two phases of the construction which is to begin this fall and is expected to be completed in 2014.

     The first phase includes adding one lane onto Forum Boluevard from Katy Lane to the bridge over Hinkson Creek. The additional lane will be added as a left-hand turning lane to relieve the congestion. After this portion is completed phase two will consist of the creation of a pedestrain bridge over Hinkson Creek, road signs and a left-hand turning lane into Wilson's Total Fitness.

     The expected cost for the project will amount to about a million dollars. Community members are hesitant about the time that it will take to complete the project. Joe Moseley, an area resident says, "Until the end of phase two there is really going to be no solution. I'm afraid what we heard tonight is that we're kicking the can furthur down the road." Eventually, the city plans to make the road four lanes, but funding will not allow for that until at least 2017.