Four CPS seniors receive COMOEd scholarships

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COLUMBIA - Four high school seniors received full-ride scholarships to local universities Tuesday night.

The COMOEd scholarship is a full ride scholarship offered to students that participated in the EdX program, a summer internship for students hoping to become educators. The mission of the program is to diversify classrooms in Columbia public schools.

"We are hoping that they will help us bring a more diverse faculty into every school." Dr. Teresa VanDover, a professor of Educational Leadership at Columbia College, said. 

The recipients included: Dinesh Baldwin, from Battle High School, who will attend Central Methodist University; Isabel Florence Young, from Battle High School, who will attend Stephens College; Shalyn Hickem, from at Battle High School, and Alejandra Alderete-Raygoza, from Rock Bridge High School, who will both attend Columbia College.

"This scholarship means everything. This is setting me up for the rest of my life. It's keeping me out of debt, it's paying for my school, and it's given me the opportunity to come back and work for CPS after four years." Young said.