Four-day school week becoming more common

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COLUMBIA - With over 500 districts across the country switching to four day school weeks, there has been an increase in talks with the idea of more schools switching to this style of education. 

Most schools that have switched to four day weeks have cancelled Monday classes.

Lathrop School District, north of Kansas City was the first to move to four day weeks.

Warsaw R-IX School District was one of the more recent schools to change.

Over 25 school districts in Missouri have switched over.

A reason schools have started looking toward this style of teaching is for monetary purposes. 

Sarah Gerling, a teacher at Hickman High School, says it's a way of cost savings for schools that are under-funded and need to cut corners. 

However, students are in class longer for the days they are in school. Schools that have switched over like the Harrisburg School District, start 15 minutes earlier and end 45 minutes later. 

"I think it would be challenging for students to be in school longer hours during a given school day. I think it's pretty exhausting to be going through classes all day long, so I can't imagine students being in class for even longer, having another class or having class time extended," Gerling said. 

Columbia Public School District has yet to mention if it have looked into four day weeks.