Four-legged friends help students de-stress

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COLUMBIA - It is a high stress time for college students as they hit the books before going on holiday break. 

Therapy dogs visited Ellis Library on MU's campus Tuesday night to provide comfort for students and faculty stressed out by the end of year school work.

Ann Gafke's Teacher's Pet, a dog training and therapy service, organized the event.

"Dogs can do so much for people, and there's so much that the general public doesn't know about that dogs can do," Gafke said.   

According to Gafke, dogs lower your blood pressure, calm you down and bring out the best in you.

Gafke also provides her dog therapy services at hospitals, nursing homes, public libraries and Head Start programs in the area.

Marcia Gafke, Ann's daughter and co-owner of the dog therapy service, says she enjoys sharing her dogs with other people.

"Whenever I am needed and wherever my dogs are welcome, my dogs will travel and they bring joy. That's the greatest thing, to see them put a smile on someone's face," she said.

This is the third semester Ann Gafke organized "finals week" therapy, and she said she plans to continue it.