Four People Rescued After Getting Boats Caught on a Sandbar

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HUNTSDALE - The Boone County Fire Protection District rescued four people Monday after two boats hit a sandbar in the Missouri River by a Huntsdale campground and couldn't get free.

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The rescue lasted about one and a half hours, ending at 4:30 p.m.. None of the boat passengers were injured. The boats involved included one pontoon boat and a flatbottom boat. The flatbottom boat is still stuck in the river because of its position on the sandbar. The fire district said the owners plan to retrieve it later.

The Boone County Fire Protection District said this area is popular for fishing, and the stranding was probably just an accident.

"I think probably the issue was somewhat of an unfamiliarity with the river," Lieutenant Stephen Dunkin said. "It's a hard spot with the sandbars in this area, a lot of shallow water. Water can be as little as two feet deep in some spots."

Dunkin said this was not an emergency, though the boaters were trapped on the water.

Three fire district vehicles and two boats were used during the operation, along with about 20 people.