Fourteen homes under water at Lake of the Ozarks

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CAMDENTON - Water covered 14 homes on the Lake of the Ozarks Monday after six days of heavy rainfall.

A subdivision along the lake has residents searching for shelter elsewhere. Seven of the residents were rescued Monday morning by the Mid-County Fire Protection District, while others were able to flee themselves.

One resident said the floods rose about a foot an hour overnight and into early morning Monday, catching him off guard when his home flooded.

"We were rescued by a boat with the fire department, but we were rescued about nine o'clock this monring and stood in the water about three hours waiting for them to get there," homeowner Dennis Welch said regarding his rescue. "Hypothermia could have set in at any time."

The water was lowering Monday afternoon, which was visible by the water line of resident's homes. 

Another homeowner, who has lived there for 26 years, said she had never seen waters raise that high. "I'm just in denial in fact right now this is just not really happening it's like a dream," Rose Meyer said.

Residents said they had contacted Ameren regarding the flooding Sunday evening. Following the call, they felt reassured about staying in their homes.

"We called the Ameren hotline and it said they would be opening more gates and increasing it, so we felt comfortable staying there and after they didn't do that, that's when we got out for foot wall of water," Welch said.

Residents living in the flooded subdivision said they had not seen any government or Red Cross assitance Monday night.  They would have to find help elsewhere.

No residents KOMU 8 spoke to had flood insurance on their homes.