Fourth of July Fireworks Bring Safety Concerns

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COLUMBIA - With the fourth of July just around the corner, city and county officials want residents to know if it's legal to shoot off fireworks in their area.

For example, Columbia Police Officer Stephanie Drouin said fireworks are illegal within the Columbia City limits, but not in Boone County. To view a map of the Columbia City limits, click here.

It is legal to shoot off fireworks in the following cities/counties:

  • Boone County excluding the Columbia city limits
  • Callaway County
  • Audrain County

It is illegal to shoot off fireworks in the following cities/counties:

  • Columbia city limits
  • Jefferson City
  • Cole County with the exception on the July fourth from 9 a.m. until July fifth at 1 a.m.
  • Mexico city limits

Bob Gerau is a 48-year-veteran when it comes to selling fireworks. Gerau said he sells fireworks all year long. His advice for people lighting fireworks is to light and walk away. Gerau said people run away thinking it will help.

"They have fuses on them three to five seconds," Gerau said. "Don't turn and run real quickly. You may trip, you may run into somebody behind you. Just simply light your device and walk away. You have enough time to get away from it before it ignites."

If your city or county is not on the list above or you would like to find out more information on the rules in your city or county, contact your local sheriff's department.