Free eye exams at the Boys and Girls Club

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JEFFERSON CITY - A Jefferson City optical shop paired up with the Boys and Girls Club to provide a free eye examination to children in kindergarten and first grade.

The eye examination is part of the health and wellness program offered at the club. 

Dr. Marc Franke with Burns Optical examined 30 children. The shop provided a free pair of glasses to children who failed the eye exam. During the three hour period, about eight children received prescriptions for glasses.

Tiffany Baker of Burns Optical said the most exciting part is when the children receive their glasses.

"Once they put them on, they're going to realize what they were missing and that's always a fun experience," she said.

Boys and Girls Club of Jefferson City Executive Director Stephanie Johnson said the organization is grateful to the people of Burns Optical taking time out of their busy schedule.

"We are real excited that all elementary children served at the new Boys and Girls Club Railton Center will have been a factor of this wonderful generosity," Johnson said.

The new Railton Center opened in May and gives children the opportunity to get help with their homework and receive a hot meal.

Burns Optical plans to work with the Boys and Girls Club again to provide a free eye examination for all children in elementary school.